Sunset Canyon at Desert Mountain

Project Info

“A River Runs Through It” as the home sits atop a ridge with a hot tub outside the Master Bedroom that overflows into a stream which meanders down the side of the house, dumps into the negative edge pool, then trickles down to the Guest Suite hot tub. New construction and clients that were open to new ideas, let me be very creative. The all onyx bath is back-lit. I designed patterns to be cut into the slate flooring and uniquely tiled baths are throughout. However, absolutely unbelievable views from all the rooms and patios were going to be ruined by putting up the required fencing for the pool. I arranged a meeting with the City of Scottsdale Building Inspector with the intent of convincing him that because of the way the house would sit on the mountain side, that no one of any age could possibly scale up the steep cliff without being part billy goat, and there would be fencing at the driveway level. He could definitely see my point when he came on the building site and told me about an obscure building code that would apply to just this setting, a cactus barrier. So by planting across the back some very sticky, nasty, but short cactus the amazing views were saved!